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Reformer Pilates

What Is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is performed on a Reformer machine and is a seriously effective way to get into shape as it creates muscles which are long, lean and healthy as it works muscles in both a concentric and eccentric way, and through isometric and isotonic actions streamlining the body. Its one of the safest forms of exercise as it is low impact, supports ones spine and promotes healthy muscle movements mainly centered around strengthening your core - the entire collection of abdominals, not just the 6-pack ones!

Benefit #1: Killer Abs

All Reformer Pilates exercises engage your abdominals, even if you are doing a leg series your transverse and pelvic floor are engaged, which tones your abs. Reformer Pilates also works the deep abdominal muscles, not just the superficial (top layer) muscles that you often work doing crunches. Pilates exercises strengthen the muscle that wraps around your middle and has no action associated with it! There really aren't a ton of exercises that target the transverse except Reformer Pilates, which we believe is the key to killer abs.

Benefit #2: Compliments other workouts

Having a strong core can make life easier in so many ways—you will find that other workouts benefit from Reformer Pilates. If you are a runner, your posture will be easier to control as the pelvic position you practice is similar to the way you’ll want to hold your posture while running. You will automatically stand up taller and have better form.

Benefit #3: Cross Training Benefits

Our classes are not for the faint hearted. Each class is fast paced, dynamic and challenging. While you are stretching and elongating your muscles, the resistance and counter-resistance on the Reformer can be adjusted to me more (or less) challenging. We consider our sessions to be very similar to endurance focused circuits minus the potential risk of not maintaining the correct form.

Benefit #4: Posture and Spine

Reformer Pilates isolates the vertebrae in your spine one at a time to massage them and puts your body in positions to lengthen and create good posture. You don't need to stretch before and after, the Reformer Pilates sessions stretches your muscles as you work-out!