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A Different Form Of Reformer Pilates

Mojo’s training method is a fusion of traditional Pilates and dynamic strength training to achieve a full body workout. Our proprietary booking system was developed to help our clients customize their sessions by voting for a muscle group they want to focus on. We love music, so all our classes are synchronized to the latest tunes, and clients can also vote for songs they want to work out to during their session. We believe there’s nothing out there quite like this. Your body will be sculpted like never before and taken to a whole new level of fitness while you’re having fun. Prepare to get addicted.

Private Sessions

We offer private and duet sessions for those who want a little more one-on-one attention. To arrange your private or duet sessions, please call us on 04 360 3399, or send us an email at info@mymojopilates. Once scheduled, you can pay for your sessions online, through our 'Online Deals' page.

The Sleek Allegro 2 Reformer

The Allegro 2 is designed by Balanced Body, the world’s largest provider of Pilates equipment and education. The Allegro 2 features a new EasySet Footbar and SoftTouch Rope System which enhances the universe of exercise possibilities with smooth-as-silk transitions, even while lying on the carriage. Quite simply, the Allegro 2 is the most intuitive, adjustable, easy-to-use Reformer on the market. And did we mention it's incredibly beautiful?

Organic Juice Bar On Site

Why juice? Simply because we need to eat 8 lbs of spinach to get the same amount of nutrients in one 16 oz juice! It is also best to consume one of these healthy juice or smoothie concoctions immediately after your work out, so we thought we would build one on site! Our equipment cold presses fresh juice to minimize oxidation which occurs in traditional juicers. Its like drinking a natural vitamin filled with living enzymes, essential minerals, antioxidants, and natural antibiotics, which are vital for optimal health. If you want the nutritious fiber, we also offer a variety of blended smoothies.

A unique team of instructors

We have recruited a diverse team of the finest Pilates and Personal trainers. Our partner, Matt Field of MFX Fitness London has personally trained the team in Dubai to bring you a complete, dynamic Reformer Pilates experience. Get ready to sweat and have a ton of fun!