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Nausheen Noor

"Loved the class yesterday... this may become my new addiction"

Nihan Ozmen

"Thank you for creating a different form of reformer exercise for Pilates lovers in Dubai"

Giselle Paul

"Having been an avid gym goer and runner for over 25 years, I was pleasantly surprised at what a fantastic workout I get at Mojo Reformer Pilates"

Kristin Foster

"I have been practicing Pilates for over 4 years now, at an advanced level, and I still find every Mojo class challenging in its own way. Although the fundamentals of the workouts are the same, each instructor brings his/her own style to the table eliminating the monotony that you find in most group workouts. Shortly after joining Mojo, I started to gain extreme core strength, became more flexible and built long lean muscle in places that most other workouts failed to improve. These classes are perfect for those like myself with limited time during the week as you pack so much into one hour—no need to practice more than 3-4 times a week to achieve your fitness goals! Lastly, the staff is super friendly, responsive and organized, which I find to be quite rare in this region, plus I can enjoy one of their delectable and freshly made smoothies or fresh-pressed juices post-workout. Thanks Mojo and keep up the good work!"

Viviana Salazar

"I think that we are always looking for that activity that we can enjoy and also feel challenged. I really think that Reformer Pilates might be the answer to my needs, I have been coming to MOJO PILATES for the last 3 months, and I have noticed a great improvement with my body and my fitness level. I enjoy every class to the maximum. Every time I leave the studio I have a great sense of accomplishment and wellness.

All the instructors have been beyond my expectations with their knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism, the atmosphere is always wonderful in class I am just excited to see my results after 30 more sessions!"

Erika Antonios

"I absolutely love the classes here and the unique approach to Mojo's reformer pilates. It is very rare to find a studio where each instructor is excellent and teaches a challenging class. From equipment, to instructors, to staff everything about Mojo makes it a great experience."

Ayesha Ashraf

"The instructor are welcoming and pay attention to your specific needs. The classes are small so its feels like one on one training. Jelena always pushes you outside your comfort zone and the results have been amazing! The classes are killer (in a good way) but quick. This is THE best workout hands down. The instructors are knowledgeable about the best exercises for my body and help me progress in form and strength. I notice myself improving daily and am shocked at the results."

Sohpie Boutros

"I love the place. It is never overcrowded, always clean, everybody is so professional and kind, the instructor is amazing! I really enjoy going there twice a week, it never feels like an obligation."